Studio update, new Callaway, Titleist and Mizuno arrive.

Well it’s been a busy summer and I thank all my customers who trusted in my ability to help improve their golf through using custom fitted equipment. Callaway, Edel, Titleist and Mizuno continue to be great performers.

As we start to look to the autumn there is a  significant number of new products being released that I am excited about.  We already have Mizuno JPX 900 iron heads in stock and all the shaft updates to the Mizuno fitting cart.  Callaway Steelhead XR irons are also in and the new Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver is on it’s way.  Callaway have started an interesting discussion with this Fusion driver and that is would you give up some distance for hitting more fairways?  Callaway are going to offer this driver in 44.5″ and 45.5″.  44.5″ is the average length for tour players.  The shorter shafts allows you to hit the center of the face more often.  A  “pure strike” will go as far as a not so great strike from a longer driver.  The difference in dispersion comes due to when you hit the center of the driver face the head resists twisting.

I am going to encourage customers to keep a log for a couple of rounds to see if your score would benefit from hitting more fairways or hitting it further.  I think most people would take straight drives over a small distance gain.

Next on the list of new products is the Titleist 917 wood range.  Again Titleist aren’t saying this is going to be the longest driver on the market with your first shot, it’s a club that will need professionally setting up on a launch monitor to tune the head to your specific needs.  As a Titleist fitting partner we will have the fitting heads in about 3 weeks prior to the release date so if you are custom fitted your clubs will be with you on release day.

Edel putters continue to be well received, the in depth fitting kit allows me to really tune the putter and focus on areas where you need help the most.

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