Single length full set.

I like to think that I stay abreast of club making technology and trends.  The topic I am writing about seems to divide a lot of my club making peers but I am keen to learn more and try building a set to test the theory.

Where the story starts,  well it doesn’t really start here as there are examples of single length sets going back quite a few years but most recently Bryson Dechambeau has come to the forefront of the single length movement.  The reason Bryson’s clubs have raised interest is he hits them pretty well. (US amateur champ 2015)

As most of us will agree Golf is hard.  Mastering your swing is tough enough, then giving you have 14 bats to contend with and the game becomes really hard.  From my fitting experience I have discovered that most players hit a mid to short iron a lot more consistently than a long iron (not rocket science) So this is where the single length theory comes from.  What do you give up?  Well if you make all your irons 37″, current standard for a 7 iron.  The 4 iron is 2″ shorter than a stand incremental length set.  What this means is less club head speed and less distance but it does mean consistently finding the sweet spot more often.  How much distance will you give up? I am not sure so I will be testing this soon.  The flip side of less distance with the long irons is your 8,9 and PW will go further.

What’s the point of all this?  Well this is where it goes back to having to learn a different setup for every club.  With a single length set of irons your ball position and swing plane stays the same so now you have at least 7 clubs that only require one setup.

Look out for some test results soon.

Bryson’s clubs 

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  1. You may only lose up to 15% in total distance due to the length decrease , which is why it never took off in the past , but with today’s hot face irons and hybrids I am sure single length is here to stay .

    1. Yes, as clubs have got longer there is an emphasis on dispersion. I would give up 5-8y with my 4 iron for 10-20 y straighter. Here to stay? well lets see if any Major brands release a set, my guess is Cobra will have to with Bryson on board.

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