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I am very proud to represent SeeMore putters in North Berwick, East Lothian Scotland.  I have have been fitting SeeMore Putters for two seasons now and am a great believer in the product.   My indoor custom fitting center has a 10×10 indoor green to allow me to teach you the SeeMore putting method and fit you for your custom build putter.   You may not have heard of SeeMore but you will have seen them on the PGA Tour if you watch golf on the TV.  Zach Johnson is the most recognisable player to use SeeMore and used his to win the 2007 Masters, 8 other PGA tour events he was also on 2 winning Ryder Cup teams.  He is currently inside the top 20 in the golf world rankings.  In 2003 Zach set a new record of 1.69 putts per green for the whole season using his SeeMore FGP blade.

All SeeMore putters use RST, Riflescope Technology which is a red square on the putter under the shaft, each side of that is a white alignment line.  Address your putt and allow the putter shaft to hide the red square and see the white lines either side of the shaft.  Assume this position every  time you address a putt and you will have the same ball position, hand position, eye and shoulder alignment.  This set up encourages an inside to inside ark and the alignment marks can also be used during putting practice to train your swing.

Does this sound too good to be true?  I thought so, as I am very skeptical about claims like this, but after being invited to try one with a short putting lesson, which is offered with every purchase of  a SeeMore putter, I was hooked.  My putting stroke isn’t bad but I know my ball position varies and my alignment isn’t great, it turned out I couldn’t miss with my SeeMore so had to have one.   A custom fitted SeeMore putter currently starts at £119.

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    1. All SeeMore putters are custom fitted. I only stock fitting clubs then you would order the club to your specification. On demo I have the FGP PTM1 and the giant FGP.

      Which one did you want to see?


  1. Hi, just wondering whether you stock the M1 please?
    And if so, what is the cost with fitting?
    Thanks, David

    1. Dave, No I don’t have the M1 in stock for fitting. I have an X2 CDM which is very similar plus plenty of other styles to get you fitted. Fitting is free with a SeeMore purchase or £15 without. Would you like to book in?

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