Andrew Coltart

Recently I have been working with Andrew Coltart to set up his loft and lie angles and look at each clubs carry distance.  As you would imagine Andrew is very knowledgeable regarding his specific needs and understands the importance in having this done.   We also discussed how few players do this or even understand the importance of it so Andrew penned this for me to help golfers of all levels understand this service:

Custom built clubs,
Ever wondered why your golf is inconsistent? You play great one day and the next it’s awful. The ball comes off at a tangent and of course you blame yourself. Well, while a fair bit of the fault will lie with your technique if you don’t have your clubs fitted for your own individual swing then chance are you’ll be blaming yourself forever. 
We all swing the golf club in different ways. There is no right way but there’s a few wrong ways. Yet if you took an hour or so to get your clubs set up to your own individual swing then I’m convinced you’ll see an improvement. Might even save you a few shots.
When professionals get their equipment from their suppliers they all still go to a man/woman to check the equipment incase it was hastily built or ‘just off the rack’. These clubs won’t conform to the players swing and poor play will result. Trust me the suppliers don’t always get it right. 
At Fit for Purpose you get the chance to play with clubs built for yourself. Checked on launch monitors Stephen Bedford will custom fit your clubs using state of the art technology to give you the best chance to play with what you deserve. 
I checked mine, check yours!!!!
Andrew Coltart.