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Accra Golf Shafts

Accra is a name that few people in the UK will have heard of yet some of  the worlds  top golfers trust Accra.  Luke Donald, Peter Hanson, Padraig Harrington and Matt Kuchar to name a few. Established in it’s own right in 2007 Accra has been positioned as a worldwide leader in the performance shaft upgrade and replacement market.  Accra is only available through a selection of the worlds best club fitters.  ACCRA Golf focuses on the high-end segments characterized by elevated technological contents and high performance.  Accra offers a complete line up of shafts.

AC by ACCRA shafts combine torsional strength, specifically in the heavier weights with the traditional responsive tip technology that ACCRA engineers pioneered. Creating speed benefits every golfer and the AC shaft’s active tip section increases ball speed without sacrificing accuracy.  These are Accra’s entry price shafts but that doesn’t mean they are entry level performance, Accra uses the same technology used in it’s premium shafts to create AC.

Dymatch 2.0 Using our exclusive technology that was born from observations on the PGA Tour, we have simplified the line and offered the best fitters in the world more ammunition.  We have designed the DyMatch 2.0 line with the same reverse engineering technology using dynamic measurements of club head twist (torque) and shaft deflection to develop three distinct lines of shafts.  The fairway woods and hybrids are design to react identically to the matching driver shafts, with respect to performance and most importantly feel.

ACCRA Tour Z is designed to be an extremely stable line of shafts with three distinctive launch characteristics.  The unique aspect of this line of shafts is that the tip section is extremely stable yet the torque is not too low, again offering stability without the harsh feel that other tip firm shafts exhibit.  Constant flex technology.  All shafts within a model share identical specifications. Once a golfer is fit to a Tour Z shaft, a fitter may test several different weights, knowing the shafts will all flex identically. Most other shafts get softer as shafts get lighter, but ACCRA Tour Z shafts offer the most stable, light weight shafts in the industry. This enables golfers of all levels to benefit from lighter shafts designed to play like heavier shafts.

Accra iSeries (iron shafts) Available in six different weight categories, the ACCRA iSeries shaft enables the worlds best club fitters to provide golfers with the ultimate in customization.  Each weight can be trimmed up to five different flexes. The ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer.  The tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points to create “flighted” sets. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.

Accra Hybrex shafts.  ACCRA Golf is proud to introduce 2013’s evolution of iron shafts. Our good friends at VyaTek Sports have developed a new technology that has already created new equipment standards in several sports. Now it is time to introduce ExoGrid® Ph.D™ Technology to golf.  It’s taken over a year to combine these two unique technologies and create a golf shaft that truly adds a significant benefit to all levels of golfers.  Sure, the combination of metal and graphite has been attempted before, but never with both ExoGrid and Ph.D. One look at the new ACCRA Hybrex shaft confirms a significant story.

KBS Golf Shaft

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kim Braly and the KBS team in Orlando, we discussed current KBS products and some pre release items they are working on.  I have recently become a certified KBS club builder and have access to all the KBS lines including the latest custom colour wedge shafts.  My stock comes directly from KBS in California so not only do I get great prices I also get all new releases as soon as they become available normally before the normal sources in the UK.


Orka Golf

ORKA Golf is a hardware brand specializing in custom fit golf clubs sold through a selection of hand picked Custom Club makers.  I will list below why I choose Orka products in my workshop.

1. Five outstanding award winning iron heads are available in the ORKA range from game improver cavity back to fully forged blade.

2. I buy Orka components as heads only, I can build any combination of heads to create the best set for you and you can choose any shaft you desire.

3.  My final endorsement, I play them and I get the choice of anything I want.

orka cert

SeeMore Putters

I have recently become the Northwest agent for SeeMore Putters.  You may not have heard of SeeMore but you will have seen them on the PGA Tour if you watch golf on the TV.  Zach Johnson is the most recognisable player to use SeeMore and used his to win the 2007 Masters, 8 other PGA tour events he was also on 2 winning Ryder Cup teams.  He is currently 25th in the golf world rankings.  In 2003 Zach set a new record of 1.69 putts per green for the whole season using his SeeMore FGP blade.

All SeeMore putters use RST, Riflescope Technology which is a red square on the putter under the shaft, each side of that is a white alignment line.  Address your putt and allow the putter shaft to hide the red square and see the white lines either side of the shaft.  Assume this position every  time you address a putt and you will have the same ball position, hand position, eye and shoulder alignment.  This set up encourages an inside to inside ark and the alignment marks can also be used during putting practice to train your swing.

Does this sound too good to be true?  I thought so, as I am very skeptical about claims like this, but after being invited to try one with a short putting lesson, which is offered with every purchase of  a SeeMore putter, I was hooked.  My putting stroke isn’t bad but I know my ball position varies and my alignment isn’t great, it turned out I couldn’t miss with my SeeMore so had to have one.  I was so impressed with them that I am now offering them in my fitting studio.   All SeeMore putters are custom built for shaft length, lie angle, head weight and grip type, you even have a choice of grip and head cover colour.  Call for a demo you won’t regret it.  SeeMore Putters start at £119.

Scor Wedges

I met with Scor in Orlando in January and liked the product.  I tried to take some on as demo but was unable to at the time but we stayed in touch.  A couple of months ago I had a customer bring one in for the shaft to be altered and he told me how much he liked it so I looked at adding some demo clubs again.  I ordered 47,52,58 so I would have pitching, gap and lob wedge demo clubs.  As with most demo clubs I try them in my bag so I get to really understand the way they play in pressure situations.  I liked the theory behind the wedges with the V grind sole, low bounce on the leading edge and higher bounce trailing edge as I have struggled with both high and low bounce wedges in the past.  I like that all Scor wedges have the same bounce as it means I don’t have to choose the shot I am going to play based on the lie I can just pick the right loft for the job.  Scor move the center of gravity further up the face as the loft increases this means that if you catch your shot a little high on the face you don’t loose too much distance.  Flight from the wedges is a little lower than other wedges I have tried but find this easier get consistent yardages.

I now have a full set of Scor in play 47,51,55 and 59.  4 degree gaps as per the ScorFit recommendation.   I truly believe that lowering your scores from 125 yards and less can really have a big impact on your handicap why not try some?

Vega Golf

Vega produce amazing hand built golf clubs.  Their irons are made from the highest quality steel, forged in Japan by craftsmen.  Vega produce exquisite blades for low handicap players but not many people realise they also make hand forged cavity back irons which offer extreme forgiveness for mid to high handicap players looking for the ultimate in quality and feel from their game.  The Vega VU-03 hybrid is a true long iron replacement club, made in 4, 3 and 2 iron. I have played the 3 and 4 and find them great from all lies and the tee.  Vega VU-03 driver is a classic looking driver.  Again most handicap golfers could use this product with a custom fitted shaft.  All drivers supplied come fully face measured and weighed which allows for very accurate assembly.

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  1. I have a set of okra irons which I got this year , I’ve got pitching wedge through to 5 iron ,am mighty impressive with the irons I now want rescues (4,3 iron ) and 5 wood and 3 also driver , is this some thing you’ll be able too help me with

    1. Kerr,

      Sorry I don’t have current stock of Orka irons. I can get them and build them for you but don’t have demo clubs. Let me know what you want to do.

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