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Labour only, cost of replacement shaft to be added.  Some of the below is a little confusing if you are unsure give me a ring with the head type and shaft type and I will confirm the price.


Standard iron re-shaft                                                              £15

Standard wood re-shaft                                                            £15

Thru bore iron re-shaft                                                            £18

Thru bore wood re-shaft                                                          £18

Shaft removal when snapped flush in hosel                        £2.50 (on top of repair)

Grip pull  and reuse (grip may split when pulled)              £1.00

Re-grip full set of irons (grips not supplied)                       £2. each

Loft and Lie session  (includes free re-check after 6 months)                                                         £50.00

Other services offered and quoted on an individual basis

Wedge grinding, Custom Paint fill, Swing weight setting, club MOT, Wedge Stamping

Custom Fitting Price Menu.

Performed on GC2 launch monitor indoors in winter or outside with real balls (weather permitting.)

Iron fitting launch monitor session  £40

Driver fitting launch monitor session £40

Full bag fitting (Does not include putter)  £60

Wedge fitting  £40 (indoor and out)

Driver “Set up” optimising your current adjustable driver   £20 (max 30 mins)

Putter fitting. £40 (Free with certain putter purchases)



7 Replies to “Repair and Fitting menu”

  1. hi there,

    I have a whole load of heads and shafts I need fitted to me, can you help? when would be convenient to come and see you in Marple?

    Kind Regards, M

  2. Hi,

    I am a golf professional based in Edinburgh. I have been given your details from a friend.

    I recently purchased vokey SM5 wedges which I am looking to have customised with stamping and paintfill. Is this something you do? If so can you give me an idea of costing and whether you are open weekends to pop down and visit.

    Kind regards,


    1. Peter,

      Price depends on what you want on the wedges but it’s normally between £6-£10 per wedge. I do some weekends but am tied up this weekend, is that the only time you can get over?



  3. Hi there.
    I am looking to book a full bag fitting. The main aim is to have a look at my wedges and my fairway woods. I am pretty comfortable with my driver and irons but a look at them would probably not hurt either. I have a current handicap of 4 and am based in Lanarkshire.
    My mother in law has a caravan near you and I will be visiting that around February time. My wife though is keen to buy the fitting as a Christmas present so I was wondering if it was possible to book now for a potential fitting in February?
    Cheers, Alan Brown

    1. Alan,

      Yes that all sounds fine. I can send you a voucher if you email me. I would need you to pay via bank transfer though as I have no online credit card facilities.



      1. Hi Stephen,

        Sorry I did not get back to you over the festive period, was pretty hectic. I am available on January 21st 2017 if you are around for the full bag fitting. Rather than bank transfer I will just pay you on day if that is okay?


        Alan Brown

        1. Alan, That’s fine. I have emailed with a booking time. See you on the 21st. Bring all your current equipment, a glove and golf shoes.

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