Swing weighting my Titleist CB710s

Well it has been a week since I returned from Golfsmith with some more knowledge and workshop equipment.  Played Sunday (twitter) @marplegolfclub and it rained from the 1st tee to the 17th!  I haven’t played in so much rain for years, if it had not been winter league I would of walked in!

So Monday saw me strip my set back to components as all the swing weights were wrong.  My Titleist CB710 irons were custom ordered with KBS tour stiff shafts which come in 10 grams lighter than the standard Dynamic Gold that Titleist fit.  I don’t know why they weren’t swing weighted at Titleist when they were assembled, as I was taught to swing weight every club when assembling, but not one of them was D2, most were C9.  What does this mean?  I had trouble “feeling ” the club on the top of my back swing and found it difficult to bring the club down on an in to out path (dropping it in the slot) hopefully correcting the swing weights will help with this.  I will epoxy them all back together today and re grip them tomorrow.  It is my birthday Friday (04th March) and maybe my wife has booked me on to play somewhere nice, so best get them finished in case 😉

The Beginning

“But I am too high a handicap to need custom fitting”

If that’s what you think then read on.  Everyone can benefit from custom fitting but to really see a difference you need to be playing regularly with a handicap of about 24 in men and about 30 in women, that way you will have a repeatable swing that I can match to your new equipment.  I even have a custom fit package that evolves as your swing does, maybe you start to take lessons and your new swing doesn’t suit the equipment, no problem a total season package allows multiple visits to the launch monitor.  It is expected that equipment costs a mid to high handicapper at least 4 shots per round.

I have a different prospective on golf club custom fitting, there are plenty of companies out there that will fit you for the latest equipment, my philosophy is different, I want to custom fit your current set up.  I have for the last few seasons “tinkered” with shaft options, wedge lofts and ball type.  I discovered what works for me and my swing.  I have a fairly repeatable swing so could see that the when I changed a shaft that changed the ball flight, distance and direction it was due to equipment.  This process used to be a little drawn out, I would evaluate the results on the course, now I can offer the same service for you on my Vector Pro launch monitor.  This can be done in a couple of different ways, you can come to my workshop in Marple, Cheshire or I can come to you at your club (prior agreement with you club pro needed)

Depending on your requirements, you can be fitted for driver, iron set or full set (see menu for costs)  All budgets are catered for, I would like nothing better than to fit you with a £300 tour shaft but in these current times that may be difficult and with that in mind I regularly purchase shafts from ebay so have stock of quality shafts that didn’t fit someone else for competitive prices.  I had great sucess last season with a £16 Aldila NV65s shaft I fitted to my Titleist 909D2 for example.