Edel Putters now available for custom fitting

I have  added Edel Putters to my custom fitting studio in North Berwick, Scotland.  This is the most comprehensive putter custom fitting system I have ever used.  Edel have recently shot to fame with Bryson Dechambeau, top amatuer at The Masters and now turned pro.  Bryson was using Edel irons, wedges and putter but has recently signed a professional contract with Cobra golf so we expect to see him swap to Cobra irons at some point soon but the Edel putter will stay in his bag.  I am sure most people will be aware that Bryson’s irons are single length.  Each iron has a 7 iron shaft in it but that’s another post altogether.(here)

When you come for an Edel putter custom fitting I firstly observe you putting with your current putter.  This is to establish what type of stroke you have.  Putting strokes are put into two groups. 1. Radial, inside to inside and 2. Liner, more of a straight back and straight through stroke.

(Do you know if your putter is working with your stroke or against you? As some putters are designed for linear putting and some for radial.  What do you think will happen if you have the wrong one?  You will be fighting against the putter to square the face to the target line.)

Once I established what stroke you have I look at how you aim the putter face.  I use a laser to establish your ability to aim your putter face directly at the hole.  Very few people are able to do this either because of their eye dominance or because they own a putter that isn’t suited to the way they set up.  I have seen someone aim 30cm left on a 2m putt.  They didn’t miss putts by that much as their mind’s eye would take over to get the ball rolling towards the cup but this becomes unpredictable so the first thing I work on is correcting aim.  Edel have discovered that head shape effects aim.  Bladed putters tend to aim left and larger rounded back putters tend to aim right.  Edel have a few ways to correct your aim with a combination of head shape, hosel shape and finally the lines on the putter.  Once aim is corrected the weight of the putter is adjusted to allow you to consistently roll longer putts.  This is done by adding sole weights, mid-shaft weights (opti-vibe) and finally counter-balance weights (grip weights).  So now you will have aim and speed, if you can start the putt on the correct line you will make more putts.  (In testing 33% less putts per round for a average putter when fitted for Edel)

This is a really indepth putter fitting.  A fitting will take upto 1 hour. You will learn a lot about the way you putt and in turn become a better putter.

Contact me for fittings on 07739 854 682

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