Why don’t you putt like a pro?

Putt like a pro.

Have all of you heard putting gadgets claiming they can make you put like a pro? Well take a step back, why shouldn’t you putt like a pro? You certainly don’t need to be athletically strong to hole putts in the same way you do to hit 300 yard drives so yes with the right technique, equipment and practice you can put like a pro.

“I am going down the driving range to hit a bucket of balls”

We have all done it but when did you last spend an hour on the practice putting green?

Last year I attended a few European Tour events in my capacity as SPi putting coach with SeeMore putter company.  Monday’s are a quiet day on Tour. Players are arriving from the previous weeks event and maybe playing 9 holes in the morning to get a feel for the week to come. Here is what I saw.  On the Monday afternoon the practice putting green was busy. Some players were going through drills and working with their coaches for up to two hours.

What were they doing that took two hours? The number one thing I observed was they all worked with some sort of putting aid from simple tees set up as gates to alignment sticks, putting mats and mirrors. They all practiced with purpose, they were there for more than learning the speed of the greens and they were there to train themselves to repeatedly hit a putt over a chosen spot at the right speed that would result in the ball finding the bottom of the cup. The gadgets and aids they employed to ensure they were repeating the drill correctly and stayed in place throughout. They were ingraining that perfect putt through repetitive practice and minimizing external factors with the use of their training aids.

I have started to use training aids in putter fittings.  This allows me to help you find a repetitive stroke which makes your putter fitting more accurate.  You leave with a custom fitted putter a better way to practice and hopefully more confidence on the greens.

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