Adam Holt


We all know that golf is a game of many variables – some of which you can control more than others.  Mid – high handicappers can easily end up thinking about too many things and looking for answers (or excuses) in the wrong places.  I know for me that being able to remove some of the variables (or excuses) from my game is a big positive and something that has helped me to become more and more confident.  Stephen has been helping me with my clubs for the last 4 or 5 months and, despite being winter, my handicap has dropped by approximately 15% and I’ve even managed to win several weekly competitions at my club over this period – something I hadn’t previously come close to.  He is a great guy and someone I trust to offer the right advice and to provide an excellent standard of work.  He is also honest enough to point out when new equipment or alterations to existing equipment won’t help and when lessons will!  We now share a teaching professional on the basis of his advice and recommendation. 

I fully recommend Stephen.

Adam Holt.


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