Testing of new products

With the new studio all up and running I have had a bit of time in between fittings to undertake some testing of new products.  This is the latest equipment  from Titleist, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Wilson and Callaway

I have tested the Mizuno MP18 range, Titleist AP1, AP2 and AP3, Wilson V6, Callaway Epic and Epic pro and TaylorMade T770 irons.  I have posted the launch monitor results and a quick review to youtube.

Next test will be the P790 from TaylorMade and I have a new Project X Even Flow blue driver shaft arriving this week.

Really impressed with the new Titleist AP range, for me the AP3 was best, great distance and feel, these could go straight in my bag!

Mizuno MP18 has to be one of the best looking irons of the market.  I found these a little hard to get really consistent strikes with.  My choice from the range was the MP18MMC but would really need to be on my game every round to get the most from these muscle back irons.

This was a great head to head between some of the best forged cavity back irons on the market. All these irons produced great numbers.  No gains over the PXG irons I currently have in play but none of the other irons tested cost the same as the PXG so I guess that is a gain.

All of the tested clubs are available for custom fitting at the new Fenton Barns custom fitting studio.  Thanks for watching.  If you want any particular clubs reviewing please ask.