Single length full set.

I like to think that I stay abreast of club making technology and trends.  The topic I am writing about seems to divide a lot of my club making peers but I am keen to learn more and try building a set to test the theory.

Where the story starts,  well it doesn’t really start here as there are examples of single length sets going back quite a few years but most recently Bryson Dechambeau has come to the forefront of the single length movement.  The reason Bryson’s clubs have raised interest is he hits them pretty well. (US amateur champ 2015)

As most of us will agree Golf is hard.  Mastering your swing is tough enough, then giving you have 14 bats to contend with and the game becomes really hard.  From my fitting experience I have discovered that most players hit a mid to short iron a lot more consistently than a long iron (not rocket science) So this is where the single length theory comes from.  What do you give up?  Well if you make all your irons 37″, current standard for a 7 iron.  The 4 iron is 2″ shorter than a stand incremental length set.  What this means is less club head speed and less distance but it does mean consistently finding the sweet spot more often.  How much distance will you give up? I am not sure so I will be testing this soon.  The flip side of less distance with the long irons is your 8,9 and PW will go further.

What’s the point of all this?  Well this is where it goes back to having to learn a different setup for every club.  With a single length set of irons your ball position and swing plane stays the same so now you have at least 7 clubs that only require one setup.

Look out for some test results soon.

Bryson’s clubs 

Golf Digest Hot list

The golf magazine Golf Digest annually compiles and tests all the current seasons golf clubs.  The clubs are independently tested by players of varying handicaps.  When all the results are collated Golf Digest releases the “Hot List”  For me as a club maker the list is a great start point for my customers.  If a player is unsure which brand to buy then the list can be a good starting point.  In this post I am going to compile a small list to show the top 3 products in each category and also list if I have them for you to try.

2016 Best drivers in stock.

Gold. Callaway Big Bertha 816, Great Big Bertha, XR16, Ping G, TaylorMade M1, M2, Titleist 915

Silver. Mizuno JPX and Wilson F5

Fairway Woods.

Gold. Callaway Great Big Bertha,  Callaway XR, Ping G, TaylorMade M1, M2, Titleist 915.


Gold. Callaway Apex, Callaway XR, Ping G, TaylorMade M1, Titleist 816

Silver. Wilson V5

Game Improvement Irons.

Gold.  Callaway Apex, XR, Mizuno JPX 850, JPX 850 Forged, Ping G, TaylorMade M2,  Titleist Ap1.

Silver. Mizuno JPX EZ Forged, Wilson C200, Wilson FG Tour F5

Super Game Improvement Irons.

Gold.  Callaway XR OS. Mizuno JPX EX, Ping Gmax,

Silver.  Wilson D200

Players Irons.

Gold.  Callaway Apex, Mizuno MP25, Ping S55, Ping I, TaylorMade PSi, Titleist 716 Ap2, 716 CB, Wilson FG tour V4.

Silver.  TaylorMade PSi Forged.


As you can see we have most of the Gold rated equipment in stock and ready for fittings.  Why not take a read of the Hot List and call in and try them for yourself.

When do you want to book in?

My Custom fitting studio at The Glen GC in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland offers the latest launch monitor technology to fit all your clubs. Driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter fittings are all offered.  Currently I am stocking Callaway, Mizuno, Titleist, TaylorMade, Wilson and Ping.  We also offer Miura Japanese forged irons and wedges.  I have recently been awarded center of excellence for SeeMore putters and this year we will stock a full selection of Scotty Cameron putters for custom fitting.

Custom fitting doesn’t have to be expensive.  I can offer custom fitted Wilson irons for under £400 per set.  I offer custom graphite shafts from Accra Golf, if you own a driver that’s not quite right then maybe a new shaft could unlock its full potential for you.  Custom driver shafts start at £130.  Custom fitting isn’t only for single figure golfers.  Generally I see the biggest improvement with higher handicap golfers as they need more help from their equipment to optimise performance.  Putter fittings at £15 can be a great way to shave shots off a score.

“But I don’t need new equipment.”  Maybe that’s so but everybody can benefit from one hour (£30) on the launch monitor to learn the exact distances they hit each club (club gapping session) or call in and try a ball fitting, they can all offer something different whether you want long off the tee or soft around the green.

I also have a fully equipped workshop and am a qualified club technician. All repairs and alterations are done on site usually in under 24 hrs.  Irons reshafted for under £30 each and driver shafts starting at £60 fitted.

This is a great time to call in and see me.  The studio isn’t too busy and I will be happy to discuss any reservations about custom fitting you may have.  If want to book this is also a great time to get used to new equipment before the season really starts in March.

I hope to see you soon.


Garsen Putter Grips

I have now become the UK distributor for Garsen putter grips.  I was shown these grips about a year ago and have been using Garsen putter grips ever since.  They have been extremely popular with my customers.    I have tried all the versions and currently have settled on the G Pro Edge. The G Pro Edge is a standard size and the G Pro Max is an oversize putter grip.  Garsen’s unique design is a ridge that runs down the centre of the grip.  The idea is you hold the grip with your thumbs on either side of the ridge but still in a conventional one hand below the other style.  This promotes a palm to palm putting style which opens your shoulders and sets your upper body very square to the target line.  Customers I have find that after a very short time this feels very natural.  Current tour players using the grip are Henrik Stenson, JB Holmes, Tony Finau and recently Ross Fisher.