In Flux.

I am in the middle of moving my site servers.  Please keep an eye on my site as I hope to improve the appearance over the next couple of days.

The content is all there though.

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PXG Parsons Xtreme Golf

Parsons Xtreme Golf are the new kid on the block.  They have today announced their tour players for 2016 and a big surprise is Zach Johnson.  He leaves Titleist with which he won 2 major championships so these clubs must be good, surely.   Well in conjunction with Pure Forged Golf in Glasgow I am proud to offer fitting on these amazing irons and woods.  Jamie McCormack owner and master club builder at Pure Forged has completed some early testing and the results are phenomenal, 18 yards gain over his own custom built 6 iron with the PXG 0311 6 iron.

I am not going to do a full test and review at the moment that will follow in a week or so take a look at the PXG website and send me any questions you have.

HNY 2016

Happy New year to all my customers.

Just a very quick update.  If you don’t already know it I am now fully set up at the Glen GC in North Berwick with a full indoor studio including repair workshop and indoor putting green.

Over the next couple of days I will write about what’s hot for 2016 as most companies have already released products.  If you can’t wait for my next post give me a call.

I feel 2016 is going to be a great year in the Studio, be a part of it.  Custom fitting allows you to get the very best performance out of your golf game.