Review: @SeeMorePutters giant FGP

I have been a SeeMore SPi fitting centre for a number of years now and since joining SeeMore I have always had a SeeMore of some description in play.

My latest gamer is the Giant FGP.  I almost feel I should write this post in a larger font because as the name says this putter is BIG!  Don’t let that put you off though as nobody who has seen it so far has commented on this especially after they have holed a few putts with it.

Ok why did SeeMore make this putter?  It’s all about MOI, the wider you can make a putter the more it will resist twisting on off centre hits and the more on target your ball will be.  There is a limit though so you can’t just make a putter the size of a driver.

The Giant FGP is 28% bigger than the original FGP and that makes it really easy to align and square the face at address and impact.   SeeMore’s RST alignment system in this larger size is also really easy to use.

Call in and take a look and give it a try, after all Jack Nicklaus won the Masters in 1986 with an oversize putter.

End of a chapter 1. Start of 2.

Just a quick update.  I have now completed my relocation from the old Ben Sayers factory site at Tantallon Road, North Berwick.  You will now find me in the Pro Shop at North Berwick Golf Club, West Links,  North Berwick, Scotland.

My email and mobile will remain unchanged.

Thank you for everyone who supported me in The Space.