Hybrids V long irons revisited.


I am revisiting this post as it keeps coming up in fittings.  Too many people keep their hard to hit long irons in play instead of looking at other options.  I understand that the traditional concept of high flying hybrid clubs doesn’t suit some people.  Some people want lower flying clubs, particularly since my move to East Lothian and Scottish links golf I understand this but there are many head styles and shaft profiles that can be used to make a club do anything you need it to.  I am currently undergoing a swing change and am struggling with long irons so added an Adams Super 9031 18 deg hybrid to my bag.  18 degrees is 2 iron loft, can I hit a 2 iron? No, but this has been my go to club for the last few rounds hence visiting my original post, Hybrids v long irons.

This may at first glance appear to be 5 years too late but read on.  Start at the beginning.  What is the longest iron in your bag? Now what is the longest iron in your bag that you hit well every time?  I am guessing most of you will answer 4 iron to the first question and 6 iron to the second.  When I say properly I don’t mean can you thin your 5 iron 5 yards longer than your 6 iron I mean launch the 5 iron high in the air so that it can stop on a green that is protected with a front bunker.

This concept of replacing mid irons with lofted hybrid clubs isn’t confined to the amateur golfer, take Y.E Yang, he carries driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 19 deg and 21 deg rescue clubs.  The longest iron he carries is his 5 iron.  More and more golfers on the senior tour are dropping 3 and 4 iron for corresponding hybrid clubs and so should more amateurs.

The test I can perform for you to ascertain if you would benefit from replacing long and mid irons with custom fitted hybrid clubs is very simple.  We hit a number of balls with your 7 iron to get a good average ball speed, then we go onto your 6 iron and due to the longer shaft we should see about 8-10 mph increase in ball speed if we see that we go onto 5 iron, again if we see 8-10mph increase we go onto 4 iron.  If your ball speed increases by less than 5 mph per club it’s time to replace that club with a hybrid/wood to optimize distance and trajectory.

Recent hybrid club fitting sessions I have performed show that 6 to 5 iron ball speed tends to only go up by about 4-8 mph and 5 to 4 iron speeds 2-3 mph, some showed a drop in ball speed.  In my opinion you will see very little difference in distance between the 6,5 and 4 iron hence there is a requirement for replacing the 5/4 iron with a lofted hybrid.  Some people say they can’t get on with hybrid style clubs and that fine and the beauty of visiting a custom fitter / club builder as I can offer lofted fairway woods to replace your hard to hit irons.

Give me a call to discuss this further.