Now Open in North Berwick, East Lothian.

Fit For Purpose Golf Custom Fit Studio

Following in great golfing history I am proud to announce the opening of my new Custom Fitting Studio and Repair Workshop in the the old Ben Sayers factory,  North Berwick, East Lothian.

I have been club building and custom fitting for the past three years in Cheshire.  I carry

“boutique” products that most golf shops don’t offer.  Everything I sell is hand assembled by me to my exacting standards and tested by you in my indoor hitting bay.

Fully equipped golf workshop including:

  • Loft & Lie machine – for adjusting ball flight, carry distance and increasing centre of the club face strikes.

  • Putter loft & Lie – for improving ball roll and set up position.

  • Shaft frequency analyser – matches the flex in your shafts through the set.  Ever had a club in the set that you just can’t hit? maybe the shaft doesn’t match the rest of the set.

Brands I fit:

I have selected these brands for the reasons below.

  • Accra Golf Shafts

Graphite shaft company from Canada.  Luke Donald, Matt Kuchar, Peter Hanson and me,  all use Accra by choice.  Great product, really stable with profiles to suit all swing speeds and styles.  If you have never tried an aftermarket shaft in your driver you don’t know what you are missing.  Most of the shelf clubs have watered down versions of aftermarket shafts that rarely perform like the original version.

  • Adam’s Golf

The No.1 hybrid on tour.  “The second shot company” amazing fairway woods and Hybrids.  Adam’s have just re released their groundbreaking fairway woods from the 90’s, Tight Lies brand.  Very easy to use and consistently long.

  • Okra Golf

British owned golf component company.  Orka supply me with heads for wedges, irons, rescues, fairway woods and drivers.  Buying them as heads only means I fit you with a shaft that works for not the shaft the manufacturer has done a deal with.

  • Vega

Forged golf club heads from Japan, amazing build quality and feel.  The  craftsmanship in these products is second to none.  I currently use a Vega driver, fairway wood and driving irons.

  • United  Forged iron heads, manufactured to very tight tolerances which enable me to build them into very accurately matched sets. Great feel and easy to use.  ( In my bag currently)

  • Scor Wedges  Rethink the way you look at your scoring clubs.  Online fitting questionnaire to help you establish where Scor can benefit you. These are really easy to use and feel great.  I use 4! 47,51,55 & 59 degrees.

  • SeeMore Putters  Rifle Scope Technology alignment aid on each putter ensures you set up square to target every time with a repeatable stroke.  Zach Johnson wins with SeeMore.  I truly believe SeeMore is a game changer.  I am a SeeMore SPI qualified instructor and builder.  This will be in my bag, forever.

  • KBS Steel Shafts  Highest quality steel shafts, a weight, flex and launch profile to suit players of all abilities.  KBS had numerous wins in 2013 including 3 majors!

  • AeroTech Steel Fibre  High quality graphite iron shafts.  The feel from these shafts is immense.  Don’t confuse modern graphite iron shafts as something for women and seniors.  There is a quiet revolution on tour with graphite iron shafts as the manufacturers can manipulate the profile of a graphite shaft much easier than steel.  Aerotech won numerous times last season.  Matt Kuchar, Brad Snedeker, Fred Couple and me.