New Base for 2014


I have made reference to a move on Facebook and twitter over the last few weeks and now have everything in place to officially announce it.   In late December I will be moving to the East Lothian coast of Scotland and opening a custom fitting and repair studio.  I currently have my workshop at home and use the facilities at Hazel Grove GC with James Rowland.  I owe a great thanks to James for letting use the facilities at the club as they have allowed me to progress my custom fitting skills and often tapped into Jame’s knowledge of the golf swing to provide a complete solution for my customers.

My new Studio and workshop will be based in North Berwick where most of you will be aware there are amazing golf courses and a very rich golfing history and love of the sport.  I will have indoor swing room with launch monitor, putting area and workshop all in one space which will allow me to fit and adjust all in one session.  Weather you require a full bag of clubs or only a new grip I will be able to assist you.

I thank everyone who has supported me in Cheshire area and at Hazel Grove and hope that some of you will use the great local courses as an excuse to come and visit my new studio.  Who knows, one day they may give me one of these;)


New Product lines for 2014


A quick update.  2013 has been a great season for golf weather, a bi-product of that has been a busy studio custom fitting golf clubs which left little time for updates.  I am going to list a few new additions for the studio and then elaborate on them in more detail over the next few weeks.

SeeMore Putters.  I continue to fit SeeMore putters in the 2014 season and have just added their new Cliq-Fit system to my demo range.  Cliq-fit allows me to change the shaft length when putter fitting.  Each shaft has a different grip also so I can fine tune shaft length, lie angle and grip size during a fitting session to ensure the best fit for you.  I have been playing around with this system myself and have made some adjustments to my gamer as a direct result of the Cliq-Fit system.

Vega Golf   I have added Vega custom fit woods and iron to my line up.  I am so impressed with the feel of the Driver, fairway and hybrids that I have tested and added to my bag that a selection of demo irons will be available early 2014 also.  Some of you will rule out Vega on price without even trying them but a Vega driver with an Accra Tour shaft isn’t much more than an off the rack un fitted TM club.

United Golf  British designed irons and woods.  I have the SBC-1 in play with AeroTech steel fibre shafts and every aspect of this combination of heads and shafts is stunning.  First customer of mine that tried them bought a set! That is a great seal of approval for my product selection and building.

Sukira Golf  is the latest product I am testing.  Built a few pieces but haven’t yet completed testing.  Very impressed with the look and build quality but i have not hit them enough to write a full review yet.  These are a great price point and feel sure they will perform excellently .

I will continue to offer Orka Golf Products, Accra Golf, Scor Wedges and the usual selection of OEM, plus a couple of surprises for the new season which I am unable to confirm yet.

I will keep the website/blog more up to date over the next few weeks as the workshop / fitting studio usually go quieter now.