What is swingweight?


Swing weight is the balance of the head, shaft and grip.  How does it effect the club?  It is all about feel and how you swing the club.  I could explain exactly how I measure swing weight but it isn’t very exciting, message me if you want further info.  Anyhow, normal swing weight for men’s irons is generally D2.  Well I say normally.  When I build clubs for men with anything more than a reg flex shaft I build 4-9i at D2 and Pw-lob wedge D3- D5.  So as the club gets shorter the convention is for the club to get heavier.  I often see mass produced off the rack clubs with a real mixture of swing weights, how does this effect you? Well each iron will feel very different in your swing.

So why the post about swingweight?  Well I recently reshafted my Callaway Xhot 4 wood with an Accra Tour Z 65 CB.  Played it a couple of times and it’s superb, finally able to reach some par 5s in two!  The club developed a head rattle, so I took the shaft out and squirted rattle stop glue into the head.  It’s a non setting glue that catches small bits that rattle in the head either from when the head was welded together or when it was reshafted.  Well I put a little too much in with took the swing weight to D6 and I normally play my fairway woods at D3 so it was 6g too heavy.  Assembled it and hated it, couldn’t hit it.  Disassembled it last night, removed some of the rattle stop to get it back to D3 installed the shaft and hit it today and it’s back to the same as before.  So if I didn’t know the swing weight was off I would just think I had put a bad swing on it.  It just goes to show that a bad shot or a club that you can’t get on with may not in fact be you it might mean the club wants fine tuning to suit your swing style and feel.

Swing weight takes minutes to check so why not call me to see how yours check out?