Scor Wedges


I now have Scor Wedges available for Demo.

I met with Scor in Orlando in January and liked the product.  I tried to take some on as demo but was unable to at the time but we stayed in touch.  A couple of months ago I had a customer bring one in for the shaft to be altered and he told me how much he liked it so I looked at adding some demo clubs again.  I ordered 47,52,58 so I would have pitching, gap and lob wedge demo clubs.  As with most demo clubs I try them in my bag so I get to really understand the way they play in pressure situations.  I liked the theory behind the wedges with the V grind sole, low bounce on the leading edge and higher bounce trailing edge as I have struggled with both high and low bounce wedges in the past.  I like that all Scor wedges have the same bounce as it means I don’t have to choose the shot I am going to play based on the lie I can just pick the right loft for the job.  Scor move the center of gravity further up the face as the loft increases this means that if you catch your shot a little high on the face you don’t loose too much distance.  Flight from the wedges is a little lower than other wedges I have tried but find this easier get consistent yardages.

I now have a full set of Scor in play 47,51,55 and 59.  4 degree gaps as per the ScorFit recommendation.   I truly believe that lowering your scores from 125 yards and less can really have a big impact on your handicap why not try some?