Original R11 v Original RBZ

Yesterday I had a fitting with a player who has lost a bit of distance over the years.  A five handicap, so a decent ball striker that wanted to gain some distance but not sacrifice any control.  His swing speed was about 90 mph so normally I would fit that swing speed to a regular flex but as he wanted to keep all the control we started with a stiff flex.  He started hitting his original TM R11 with 60g Fujikura Blur shaft and was getting 88-90 mph club head speed, 207 carry and roll out to 225-235 on the GC2 launch monitor.  Launch and spin was good and dispersion was tight.  I gave him an Accra Tour Z 45 M4 (this season these will be called Tour Z 45 LS) to try in a generation 1 RBZ Tour head and instantly saw the numbers increase, swing speed peaked at 92mph ball speed gained about 5 mph and carry distance went up to 220 and peaked at 225 yards carry and a few rolled out past the 250 yards mark.  I then put the Tour Z 45 into his R11 head and the results where better than the standard Blur shaft but gains were more like 10-15 yards not the 25 that the RBZ Accra combination gave.  Some on course test will take place this week but I think it’s another customer amazed by the power and control of Accra shafts.

TaylorMade R1 quick review

Well I have been testing this driver as I think it will be my gamer for 2013.  Initial testing showed it was matching my RBZ Tour 9 for distance but the flight was lower and it was more consistently straight.  These tests started as just by watching ball flight and seeing the ball land down range.  I started with re-shafting using an Accra Tour Z 55+ M4 which this season is called the Tour Z ST M4 I have had great success with this shaft in other heads but didn’t get on with it in the R1.  I thought it was my swing but later discovered that the R1 was so low spin and launch that this shaft also being low launch and spin just didn’t suit my swing with this head.  I am currently testing an Accra Tour Z CB M4 which set at 10.75 degrees of loft and 1 degree open face angle produced today my best results.  I will be trying an Accra Dymatch 60 ST M4 tomorrow also as I think I still need a bit more spin for my swing speed.