Accra Tour Z 45 M4

Driver re finishing is something I have done quite a bit this season but my own driver has been in good condition and I liked the silver finish on my Adams Fast 12 LS.  During the winter I have been experimenting with a few different shaft combinations and tried a TaylorMade RBZ tour head in 9 degrees as I felt the Adams head was a little too low spin and launch for my swing.  The RBZ instantly gave me more launch a higher flight and as much carry as I have seen from the Adams in the first session with it.  I played it while over at the PGA Trade show in Orlando and hit it very well.  I have a 100mph driver swing speed and was keen to try an ultra light weight shaft to pick up some club head speed so built up an Accra Tour Z 45 M4.  I didn’t get chance to do too much launch monitor testing apart from the 1st dozen or so balls and with those saw 251 yards carry on a cold day in January so feel my swing speed must of been just over 100 mph so the 45 gram shaft appeared to have gained me a few mph swing speed.

My swing fault is I let the club get in front of me which creates an out to in swing path and a bit more fade than I like.  As I said I played in Orlando with some other club builders and we agreed that a very light weight club can cause a player to loose feel of where the club is at the top of the back swing and also felt the flight was a little too high and lost a bit of penetration.  Now I could bring the swing weight up in the head, currently at D4 which should give me some more feel at the top of my back swing and reduce the loft on the head to lower the flight a little.  Both of these are good options but I have also been given the new Accra 2013 Tour Z Prototype CB 55 M4 to try so that is in the RBZ at the moment.  It is a little heavier and lower launch the the Tour Z 45 so testing should commence later in the week.  oh and I had to give the head a little make over for the new shaft:)



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My meeting with Accra in Orlando

Well this year I was lucky enough to go to the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando.  I spent a week out there and used the time to meet some of my suppliers, fellow club builders, make some new partnerships and play some golf.

Well the main reason for me going was to meet the people that own and run Accra Shafts.  Accra invited all their club builders to attend so they could showcase tell their 2013 products and let us test them and then an informal round of golf in a Ryder cup style.  I learned a lot about the process that goes into making Accra shafts so consistent which probably wouldn’t interest the average end user but rest assured these shafts are built to the highest standard using the tightest of tolerances which goes some way to explain why the make such a great product.

The Dymatch 2 range isn’t changed this season as it was new in 2012.  AC by Accra remains unchanged as does Accra i, their graphite iron shafts.

So that takes us to the Tour Z line up and it’s all change here.  As the name suggests Tour Z is Accra’s tour product. Theses are the exact products that the tour players get when they switch to Accra the only difference is that some players have them painted in team colours i.e Luke Donald’s Accra shafts all have to be painted in the current Taylor Made paint scheme.  As mentioned earlier if you want all the nitty gritty facts then email me and I will send them but here is a taste of what it’s all about.

So the 2013 Tour Z line up will be:

1. Tour Z ST, Stable Tip, for low launch low spin, great shaft for high swing speed players

2. Tour Z LS, Low Spin, for mid launch with draw bias, increased stability and smooth energy transfer.  Also makes a great fairway shaft with the mid launch and with no fear of ballooning up.

3. Tour Z CB Platinum, Counter Balance, the higher balance point provides lower ball flight without the need of a more stable tip section.  For players looking for a little extra spin, medium launch.  Designed for smooth tempo players but still maintaining the Accra feel.  This shaft is the ultimate in the Accra Tour Z line up. In testing players were seeing increased club head speed as this shaft “kicks” at impact.  This shaft also makes a great fairway wood shaft.

I have a Tour Z CB for both my driver TZ55M4CB and TZ65M4CB for my 3 wood.  Last season I didn’t really feel I found the right shaft for my 3 wood I either had a shaft that performed well off the tee then was hard to pick the ball off the fairway or easy off the fairway then ballooned up into the wind off a tee.  After discussing this with the guys at Accra I expect the Tour Z CB will be the answer to my problems.  Weather permitting testing will start soon.

You to can try these shafts indoors on GC2 launch monitor and outside with the GC2 and real balls once the weather allows.