New driver build. Over to the dark side.

Well I have been playing an Adams Fast 12 LS driver this season and have had probably my best driving season, distance and accuracy.  Some of that is due to the amazing Accra shafts I use it has to be said.  I bought the Adams after it getting amazing online reviews on US forums and I new that I would have a shaft that would work with it.  LS stands for low spin and with that low spin I have struggled with launch angle with every shaft I have tried.  I am glad that I took advice and bought it in 10.5 degrees loft and it really is a low launch low spin head.

I have tired to stay away from owning TaylorMade products in the past as I disagred with their policy of creating a new driver every 6 months but more recently this has been stretched to an exceptable 12 months.  I am going to be involved with fitting TM products next season at my club, Hazel Grove so thought I would try an RBZ head over the winter.  Luke Donald uses and RBZ Tour head with Accra Tour Z shaft so went for that head built with my new demo shaft the Accra Tour Z 45 M4.  Well first test and first few hits with it were under the watch full eye of Head Pro at Hazel Grove and my swing coach James Rowlands and after James altered my position a little at impact I was hitting high long straight drives.  My swing speed is 95mph when swung conservatively and with that I was getting 250 yards carry on James’s GC2 launch monitor that we took over to the practice ground.  I know that in warmer conditions and getting used to the shaft weight I can get up to 100mph club head speed and about 265 carry.

So what did I discover?  I always take something from my own builds that gives me greater knowledge when I am fitting my customers.  I changed from a extremely low spin driver at 10.5 degrees loft to a high launch low spin driver at 9 degrees loft and gained a couple of degrees launch angle that I need to get my carry distance up.

What am I saying? Whats my point?  I guess I am saying you can’t go to the driving range borrow/demo a hand full of drivers and expect to get a club dialed in even with adjustable hosel technology, you may not even be able to play the head you really wanted even with the myriad of shaft options available if it doesn’t create the launch and spin you need.

If you do one thing next season get a proper driver fitting on a launch monitor with the balls you play on the course and get a driver that works for you for once you have done it you will never look back or buy off the rack again.

Rebuilding my irons

I have been experimenting with lie angles, loft, shaft strength and grips all season on my spare 6 iron and with the swing changes I have made this year finally decided on my set up and dismantled my playing set and set about rebuilding them.  I did think that when I originally built this set I may want them a bit stiffer as my new swing ingrains so my initial build was 1/4″ longer than normal to allow me to tip (shorten the shaft from the tip end) the shafts a little extra to make them a bit stiffer.  I am able to measure the frequency in a shaft which tells me the stiffness (using my shaft frequency analyzer.)  I trimmed them to about 4cpm stiffer.  I play my clubs to standard Titleist loft, lie and length and D2 swing weight. (Swing weight is the balance of the club, shaft and grip measured on a special scales.)  Swing weight determines how the club feels.  Swing weight is very much a feel thing and the only way to really determine if a non standard swing weight would benefit you would be speak to your club builder.

I have been on the practice ground with them in the last couple of days and can confirm the set just feels more matched and dispersion and distance gaps have tightened up a little so a worth while job.

Starting a new driver build next.  This season I probably tried 4 different shafts through the year and found a couple that were very good when my swing was on but still feel there is some more to be had in that area but want to choose a shaft before the season starts and stay with it for the new year.