Orka Golf

Well this season I have decided to make a concerted effort to do more custom fit sessions,  for this I needed a quality fairly priced component brand to represent in Cheshire.  After talking with Applied Technology Golf in St. Andrews on my visit there in January I decided to use Orka components. Orka are a British company that have been around about 10 years and make equipment that always does well when it’s tested in golf magazines, prices are competitive and they are a great company to deal with.

I have their 3 cavity back irons as demo clubs and was so impressed with the performance of the GS5 Tour SC that I built myself a set with KBS tour stiff shafts. The performance, forgiveness and workability make these a great option for mid to low handicappers, they are a soft cast and easily bent in the loft and lie machine so are great for me for fine tuning your setup.

After the success I had with the irons I ordered a GS5 driver head.  I had been hitting my Titleist 910 D2 poorly for about 3 months and even with many shaft tests couldn’t feel comfortable or confident with it.  My initial Orka build was with a 9 degree GS5 head (Orka can face measure for me for desired loft) with Orka’s Flatline stiff flex low launch shaft that UST make for them.  Well I cannot describe how well I hit it, High but not balloning, slight draw that lands and rolls.  I have a driver swing speed of 98-103mph and was hitting this about 240 carry which was about 25 yards longer than my previous driver but the difference came from it being about 40% straighter.  I am so impressed with this driver I took it to show one of my golfing partners who had previously used Orka and he didn’t want to give it back.  He is a 50 something player whose handicap hovers around 2-3, so a decent player.  His feedback was that he can’t miss fairways with it and he can draw it like no other driver he has owned and the best bit is that he has reduced his handicap to 1.9 and is off to British Senior Open qualifying later this month.

I had to build myself another one but this time I wanted to try a premium shaft in it so ordered a Project X Black in 6.0 flex, with this shaft I gained about another 10 yards and took my carry up to 250 yards.  Due to this being a 58 gram shaft my swing speed reached a maximum of 105 mph but as previously happened I demonstrated this club to someone and they bought it.  This is a fantastic driver.  Orka are very nearly ready to release a new head called the RS10 and I am very excited to test it and use it for my fittings.


Well I have been too quite.  My twitter feed is always busy but the blog hasn’t been updated since the beginning of the season. A lot has been happening, some major swing changes are finally ingrained, I have changed most of my equipment and my the club I play at, I have new accounts with Orka golf and Accra Golf Shafts and am building some awesome equipment.  more to follow……