Custom Fitting sucess story

I now regularly offer my custom fitting service with the pro, Dave Myers at Marple Golf Club were I am a member.  Dave recently called me to take a look at the equipment of one of Marple’s older lady members.  She is 80 years old and has had illness that has left her with very little strength in her right shoulder and struggling to lift the golf club to the top of her back swing.  My first assessment was of her current equipment which turned out to be a real eye opener.  She had a real mix of clubs but the worst part of the set and the main area that she wanted me to look at was her irons, she was carrying men’s stiff steel shafted irons which were far too heavy for her.

I measured her swing on the launch monitor and she hit 6 balls about 20 yards with 25mph club head speed.  We got out a ladies graphite shafted club and boom! 80 yards straight down the middle with about 50 mph club head speed and she said she could feel the club now and swing it harder.

Next up she asked me to look at her driver which while it was a ladies 14 degree head at some point it had been re-shafted with a 70 gram man’s regular flex shaft.  I had her hit the Callaway Demo club that the pro had and she was hitting it straight and high about 130 yards, she was over the moon.  We decided to build her a component set of 6-Sw, high launch heads with ultra light weight shafts and grips which assembled into a light swing weight of C8.

Ready for assembly

Pre assembled swing weighted and waiting for epoxy.

And if there was any question that this build was for a lady member, pink, rose scented grips.

I received  proof that she loved her new clubs when she finished 4th at an open event at New Mills golf club.