Iomic grips

After recently putting an Iomic grip on my putter and loving it I started looking into replacing the grips on my irons and wedges as my Golf Pride multi-compounds were starting to wear.  I have a bit of a green theme going on this season so choose green grips.

I like the feel a lot, they are firmer than Golf Pride, easier to clean and apparently last a lot longer, which they will need to as they retail at more that twice that of a Multi-compound.

Iomic claim they resist torque better than most other grips.  They are built from a synthetic material i.e. not rubber, easy to clean and have negative ion powder in the grip to improve blood flow in the hands.  Can I confirm any of the above? they do clean easy and I am playing well with them so why not make a statement and try some.

A new (old) Scotty Cameron joins the team

I have never been a great putter but work hard at getting better.  When I moved over a Titleist equipment about 2 seasons ago I still carried my Taylor Made spyder putter.  I had always used a mallet putter and putted OK with it.  After a few comments from playing partners about getting  a Titlesist Scotty Cameron putter to complete the bag I thought I would give one a try.  I started testing with a Red X mallet and it was OK but not quite right.  I went to the Golf store to try the Cameron Combi but while I was there tried the full range and found I was making more putts with a squareback so bought it and owned my 1st ever Scotty Cameron. I practiced hard with this putter as it was so different to look down on after the TM Spyder but was confident with it and put it into play in the final of my club championship pairs comp.  I putted well with it making a winning putt down hill from the fringe on the 16th to win 3&2 and my opponents said “your putting beat us today!”

Anyhow move forward 12 months and I am living in Dublin and a member at Druids Heath GC, it is a very long course with very large greens and I found I was 3 putting too often.  I went and tried a Newport 2 and loved it, I just felt the face gave more feedback which concentrated the mind a little more.  I putted well with this but again never great.

I have got the Scotty Cameron bug so decided i wanted to personalize it with some paint fill.

Then early this year gave it a Masters flavour.

I tried changing lie angle on it to get a more consistent strike and even discovered that 33″ was a better length for me and trimmed it down but still missing too many putts with it.  Drastic action was called for and I took a putting lesson.

Well the results from the putting lesson lead to some major changes in address, ball position, grip back swing and follow through, a fully rebuilt the swing really.  Well I thought with a rebuilt swing a rebuilt putter was the order of the day and this got me to here.

It is a 2002 Scotty cameron Newport 2 studio stainless.

It needed a little TLC and re gripping.  I wanted a lime green baby T but that was cost prohibitive and settled with an Iomic grip which now I have used it a few times feel was a great choice.

And that’s were I am up to on the putter front and so far it’s all working very well.

Taylor Made Burner Superfast tipping

I have a regular playing partner who purchased  the above driver.  He is a strong hitter who with his previous driver, a Ping Rapture with a genuine Diamana Red board, was hitting 250-260 carry.  Initial testing with the TM was good but then the ball started to go right a lot.  I thought that the stiff flex shaft was probably a little on the soft side for him especially as it plays at 46.5″ long.  My advice was to re-shaft, but the original shaft is a 45grm shaft and the head is designed for this light weight shaft/grip combo.  We decided to first try tipping the shaft 1″  This still gives a great playing length of 45.5 and take the stiffness from a firm regular to a firm stiff.  Early results weren’t too encouraging but perseverance has paid off and this club is hitting long and straight again.