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Welcome to Fit For Purpose Golf


As the leading custom fit golf studio in North Berwick, Scotland, my aim is to improve your golf performance through equipment that is properly fitted to you.  I have no allegiance to any manufacturer, I work with carefully selected brands to ensure every part of your game is cared for.  Using my custom fitting knowledge backed up with launch monitor technical data I am dedicated to finding a solution that works for you.

“What does this mean for you?”   The one thing we have in common is our love of golf, but that’s where common ends, you are individual so your clubs should be too and that’s what custom fitting is all about .

Most people are aware they don’t swing the club the same as their playing partners, add to that for example, different height and swing speed and you will start to see why custom fitted golf clubs are so important.

“I am not good enough for custom fitting”  I generally see the greatest improvement from mid to high handicap golfers once they are custom fitted.

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“I don’t play in any competitions”  Custom fitted clubs will improve your enjoyment of the game, why wouldn’t you want that?

“I can’t afford custom fitted clubs”  Most manufacturers do not charge any extra for custom order clubs over off the rack clubs.  We stock clubs from various manufacturers and are usually able to work within most budgets.


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