Garsen Putter Grips

I have now become the UK distributor for Garsen putter grips.  I was shown these grips about a year ago and have been using Garsen putter grips ever since.  They have been extremely popular with my customers.    I have tried all the versions and currently have settled on the G Pro Edge. The G Pro Edge is a standard size and the G Pro Max is an oversize putter grip.  Garsen’s unique design is a ridge that runs down the centre of the grip.  The idea is you hold the grip with your thumbs on either side of the ridge but still in a conventional one hand below the other style.  This promotes a palm to palm putting style which opens your shoulders and sets your upper body very square to the target line.  Customers I have find that after a very short time this feels very natural.  Current tour players using the grip are Henrik Stenson, JB Holmes, Tony Finau and recently Ross Fisher.

PXG Parsons Xtreme Golf

Parsons Xtreme Golf are the new kid on the block.  They have today announced their tour players for 2016 and a big surprise is Zach Johnson.  He leaves Titleist with which he won 2 major championships so these clubs must be good, surely.   Well in conjunction with Pure Forged Golf in Glasgow I am proud to offer fitting on these amazing irons and woods.  Jamie McCormack owner and master club builder at Pure Forged has completed some early testing and the results are phenomenal, 18 yards gain over his own custom built 6 iron with the PXG 0311 6 iron.

I am not going to do a full test and review at the moment that will follow in a week or so take a look at the PXG website and send me any questions you have.

HNY 2016

Happy New year to all my customers.

Just a very quick update.  If you don’t already know it I am now fully set up at the Glen GC in North Berwick with a full indoor studio including repair workshop and indoor putting green.

Over the next couple of days I will write about what’s hot for 2016 as most companies have already released products.  If you can’t wait for my next post give me a call.

I feel 2016 is going to be a great year in the Studio, be a part of it.  Custom fitting allows you to get the very best performance out of your golf game.

TaylorMade M1 Driver

Well I know that a lot of people have lost all patience with TaylorMade over the last couple of seasons with the quantity of new equipment they release during a season and how quickly premium priced products go into the sale bins.  It isn’t a great secret that TaylorMade have missed sales targets recently and that maybe Adidas are looking to off load the company.  Any product that TaylorMade released now had to be their best in over 3 years.

Have they achieved it?  Well in my opinion, and I am not the biggest TaylorMade fan due to some of the reasons above, yes they have.  based on a sample of 2 (not enough I know) this driver is out performing my amazing Ping G30 in both distance and accuracy.  I have played 2 rounds with it and have consistently found fairways and gained at least 10 yards and have had a few shots 20 yards past my normal landing area, full GC2 launch monitor data will follow.

Now the bad bit.  RRP of this club is £429.  If you mention this article when contacting me I will fit the TaylorMade M1 driver for you FOC, a saving of £30 when the club is purchased from me.

Callaway Great Big Bertha (GBB)

Quick up date.  The new studio at The Glen GC in North Berwick is now up and running.  Today I had my first fitting in there and we had a great deal of success with the new Callaway GBB.

My customer contacted me primarily about having his current driver reshafted with an Accra shaft and was prepared to visit me from the Newcastle area.  He had a Nike Covert Tour driver and was complaining of missing too many fairways.  I had concerns that that head wouldn’t be the most forgiving and asked if we could start with looking at different heads to gain the control he was after.  The Nike peaked at 217 y carry and 133mph ball speed.  Useable numbers but the customer had been struggling so much with the Nike he felt a change was needed.  We started with the Ping G30 and peaked at 136 mph ball speed and 221 carry.  Dispersion was tighter and spin was down also to 2743 average.  Next up was the Callaway GBB and straight away this suited my customers eye.  First hit 233 y carry then 237 carry a 20 yard gain over the Nike.  We tried a few other combinations but couldn’t better Bertha.

The Glen GC, New Location, same service.

During October I am moving my business indoors.  Outdoor fittings are still available but this time of year they become very difficult.  My new location gives me a full indoor facility again comprising of a full indoor putting green,  indoor swing room with Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor running simulator software, this is the unit that Sky Sports use.  This software can be used to play golf or on the driving range screen for club fitting.  I will also have a fully equipped workshop on site.

Brands that I will be fitting going forward are, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Wilson, Mizuno, TaylorMade and Miura, SeeMore & Scotty Cameron putters.

My new base will be The Glen Golf Club, North Berwick.  The Pro team from North Berwick GC the West Links will be running the proshop at The Glen from March 2016, but I am heading down there now to set up ready for the winter.

My new address will be

The Glen Golf Club
Tantallon Terrace
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 4LE

You can get me on my normal mobile number  07739 854 682

Titleist 716 irons and 816 Hybrids.

Today I met with Titleist to see the new products which will launch in the UK late October but as we are a Titleist fitting center we will have our fitting heads arriving next week which is about 3 weeks ahead of the launch date.  This means that any irons/hybrids fitted now will be ready for the official launch at the end of October.

Where have Titleist gone with is new version of the familiar AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons?  Well it appears that by adding more tungsten weights to these irons Titleist have achieved greater results in feel, performance and usability in each of the four 716 irons which makes them in my opinion a much stronger proposition than the 714.  Don’t get me wrong the 714 range were supremely successful, 714 AP2 is the most used cavity back iron on tour and Jordan Speith used his to win $22m dollars in one season so you can see  Titleist didn’t just rebadge the 714’s.   716 is a new iron that just happens to look a little like the 714 range.

Where Titleist did make a massive leap, again my opinion, is in redesigning the AP1.  As a fitter, this year I have probably seen more less skilled players than low handicap players.  I have fitted lots of game improvement irons from Callaway (XR) Wilson (D200) Ping (G30) and Mizuno (JPX 850)  But very few Titleist AP1 irons.  The reason being that Titleist haven’t been able to match its competitors in ball speed and carry distance.  The redesign of the 716 AP1 we are told as helped to increase ball speed and the 1 degree stronger lofts have helped that increased ball speed to equal greater carry distance without the ball ballooning up when it is fitted correctly.   I have never really found the AP1 appealing on the shelf either but this 716 looks soo much better and very similar to the AP2 on the shelf.  I really can’t wait to hit these next week when the demo heads arrive as I have high hopes for where they fit into my custom fitting options and possibly even into my own bag.

816 Hybrids.  Titleist say that their research shows them that most people change hybrids when they change their irons and this has prompted them the now make the life cycle of the hybrids fall into sync with the irons.  That means that 816 Hybrids will replace 915 hybrids.   They look very different to 915, firstly they are metallic grey in colour and the sole uses the key features of the 915 but looks very different in doing so.  The Active Recoil Channel is there still but covered to ease cleaning as grass gets stuck in the 915 ARC quite easily.

Lastly I saw the 716 MB-t long iron replacement / Hybrid iron.  This looks pretty much like the conventional MB at address but is hollow headed, which produces very high ball speeds and high MOI.  In turn it makes this very sleak club extremely easy to hit and hit it a long way.  These are only available in the UK market 2,3,4,5 whereas the rest of the world gets the option to have a full set of them. (?)

Keep checking back to read reviews of the irons as they arrive and we hit them.  Also stay posted for some great Scotty Cameron news.


Tungsten weights in the new AP2


AP1 Tungsten weight location.


716 MB-t iron, you really need to see these!

And 816 Hybrids.


Shaft frequency analyser

This post will introduce you to a peice of equipment that I use regularly in helping me custom fit my customers.  The shaft frequency analyser is an invaluable piece of equipment due to the fact that there is no industry standard in shaft flex.  One manufacturers stiff could be another manufacturers senior flex so you can see why being able to classify all the shafts I fit is helpful.

The unit of measurment I use to determin shaft flex is called CPM, Cycles Per Minute.  Basically the golf shaft is clampped into the analyser and the tip of the shaft is flexed and let go and the machine reads the amount of times the shaft springs up and down and converts that feadback into a CPM number.  I then refer that number to a chart which converts the CPM of the shaft into a flex rating.  It is a little more complicated than that but basically that is what my shaft analyser does for me.

So to sum up I use it to compare shaft flex from make to make and match frequencies when building sets as a 3 iron shaft will be softer in cycles than an eight iron shaft do to its length.

Why not call in and see for yourself or have you set fre

Putter Loft & Lie

What putter do you use?  How did you get fitted for your putter?  If you were not fitted why not?  You probably use your putter more than any other club in your bag so you can see owning a custom fitted putter could have the biggest impact on your scoring above any other club.

If you visited me for a custom fitted putter these are the things that I would take into account.



Lie angle

Grip size

Face balanced

1/4 Toe hang

Full toe hang

We currently stock, SeeMore, Scotty Cameron and Odessey Putters.  Why not call in for a consultation, as I might be able to modify your current putter to make you more consistent holing out.